Instant emojis in Windows 10

So this post falls into the category of “How old where you when you found out…?” The question is answered “I was today years old” because that’s how the question usually works. This was one of those days. I was listening to a recording of the bi-weekly “Microsoft 365 Developer SIG community call,” which happens on the 4th Thursday of every month. (The Microsoft 365 Platform community calls are all worth checking out and each of them is recorded and then uploaded to Youtube within 24 hours of the live event.

Resetting Azure MFA Registration

Users occasionally lose access to their Multifactor Authentication (MFA) source, possibly by purchasing a new phone or changing phone numbers. When this happens, they are locked out of any resource that requires MFA. In these cases, they need to re-register for MFA with their new source. Here are the steps to reset MFA registration for a user in Azure: NOTE: to reset a user’s MFA registration, the account performing the following actions must be in the Authentication Admin or Global Admin role.

Use your own custom Teams background

While Microsoft is always working on expanding the capabilities of its Teams app, the rapid acceleration in the use of MS Teams during the global COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated implementing some of the features on the backlog in an effort to compete with other group conferencing applications like WebEx and Zoom. Some of these capabilities include allowing the user to blur the background during video calls, as well as changing the background and increasing the number of video participants visible in the gallery.

UPDATE: North American Collaboration Summit

Original post: 2020-01-22 UPDATE Due to the global pandemic, NACS has been rescheduled for Sep 28-30, 2020. Click the image above for the latest information UPDATE-AUGUST 14 NACS is officially a go for Sep 28-30, 2020. The event sill be the first hybrid conference! Click the image above for the latest information, including what session(s) I will be presenting! If you haven’t heard, there is an awesome conference being held in Branson, MO, April 2-3, 2020.

New Debug Options for SPFx (Edge)

As the development pendulum has swung back to the “front end,” I find a majority of my time in VS Code. Back in the early days of VS Code, I missed the rich toolset of Visual Studio, but as I became more comfortable with the combination of command line and graphical interfaces in VS Code, as well as the explosion of awesome extensions for VS Code, I found myself opening Visual Studio less and less.

Uninstall app with PowerShell

I recently found myself in a situation on a client’s device where I needed to remove an application, but this was not possible because I was not a local administrator on the device. The client allows elevation using a third party application when you need to run programs as an administrator and that allows applications to be installed, but when you try to delete an app from the Control Panel or “Apps & Features,” there is no option to use the third party application to elevate you to administrator.

Ignite 2020 returns to the Big Easy

NEW DATES. NEW LOCATION. NEW EXPERIENCES. Ignite is moving to New Orleans! There’s no place quite like New Orleans and we’re planning an event that’s equally dynamic, with amazing opportunities for you to engage with experts, expand your skills, and explore the latest technology. You can pre-register today to make sure you get the latest information as soon as it’s available. Pre-register here I’ve already started looking forward to the parties … errr … I mean the awesome sessions, keynotes and sessions.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Quick Start

For the several years now, I have concentrated on helping developers to get started coding in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). My primary message has always been that, “despite it being a complete departure from previous coding approaches in the SharePoint, it’s not as difficult as it seems and you should just give it a try.” I am updating that presentation to include recent changes to SPFx as I prepare for upcoming engagements at North American Collaboration Summit (NACS) and ShareCloud Summit and will post it on this site when available.