Uninstall app with PowerShell

I recently found myself in a situation on a client’s device where I needed to remove an application, but this was not possible because I was not a local administrator on the device. The client allows elevation using a third party application when you need to run programs as an administrator and that allows applications to be installed, but when you try to delete an app from the Control Panel or “Apps & Features,” there is no option to use the third party application to elevate you to administrator.

Ignite 2020 returns to the Big Easy

NEW DATES. NEW LOCATION. NEW EXPERIENCES. Ignite is moving to New Orleans! There’s no place quite like New Orleans and we’re planning an event that’s equally dynamic, with amazing opportunities for you to engage with experts, expand your skills, and explore the latest technology. You can pre-register today to make sure you get the latest information as soon as it’s available. Pre-register here I’ve already started looking forward to the parties … errr … I mean the awesome sessions, keynotes and sessions.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Quick Start

For the several years now, I have concentrated on helping developers to get started coding in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). My primary message has always been that, “despite it being a complete departure from previous coding approaches in the SharePoint, it’s not as difficult as it seems and you should just give it a try.” I am updating that presentation to include recent changes to SPFx as I prepare for upcoming engagements at North American Collaboration Summit (NACS) and ShareCloud Summit and will post it on this site when available.

Here we go!

Well, I’ve been trying to do this blog thing for almost 10 years, but just never had the time (or so I told myself.) There are a couple of reason I can use to “justify” my delays and neither of them are very good reasons: Procrastination: This is just a copout because this is just a matter of prioritization. When I want to do something, it gets done and on time.